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The PVP Mode In Albion Online Game

The PVP Mode In Albion Online Game

This game was built to be a crossover between mobile, so for anyone that personally can't stand mobile compatible graphics or the Albion Online art direction. The zones have a sense of scale that a lot of other isometric games do not have, however, and the effect of harvesting materials from the world (chopping down trees, breaking stone, etc.) is great. Sidenote: The customization of characters and the variety of armor also leaves quite a lot to be desired.

The gameplay is very repetitive and very grindy. Instead of utilizing levels, they basically compacted levels into "Tiers" and gave you objective-oriented tasks to grind to unlock access to the tiers (gear, tools, materials etc.). Everything in the game is slow and repetitive.

PVP is the primary focus of the game and as such lends itself to a simplistic version of an isometric MOBA or ARPG. The PVP is more about zerging and ganking than it is about skill, strategy, or alliance-based warfare as it tends to be in other PVP focused games.

The game's visuals are limited by the crossover compatibility. The game's polish overall rating will likely go up post-Galahad as they are further polishing the UI and PVE mechanics.

The longevity of this game depends on the player's habits. If they are into mobile games, find themselves on their phone or tablet more than their computer or console, this game will definitely carry them through a few years.


  • Easy to learn
  • Classless
  • Game is nearly ready for launch
  • Crafting intensive/player ran shops


  • Too simplistic
  • Grindy in a bad way
  • Repetitive content
  • PvP is meh

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